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Variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment

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  • Class: Water supply equipment
  • Specification:   Water supply equipment
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Variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment by air pressure tank, pump and electric control system is composed of three parts, its outstanding advantage is, no need to build the tower, a small investment and land occupation, flexible layout, fast completion. In the frequency conversion constant pressure water supply equipment using automatic regulation of water and gas, automatic operation, energy saving and tap water automatically connected to the grid, the power supply is still available after the water, no need to monitor after debugging. Constant pressure water supply technology advanced, constant pressure, convenient operation, reliable operation, saving energy, high degree of automation, widely used in enterprise units, residential areas and rural production, living, office water supply. Suitable for water supply households in 5000 households, the daily water supply in 3000m3 places, the water supply height of more than 100 meters.




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