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Integrated prefabricated pumping station

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  • Class: Oil-water separation equipment
  • Specification:   Prefabricated pumping station
  • Brand:   ZHONGYING
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The integrated prefabricated pumping station is composed of a top cover, a glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) cylinder, a base, a submersible pump, a service platform, a pipeline, etc., and the utility model can meet the requirements of pressurization and lifting drainage requirements.

Product advantages:
1, high integration
The integration of prefabricated pumping station as a unit, which provides complete: Prefabricated cylinder, submersible sewage pump, pipeline system, crushing grid, intelligent control system, lifting device, exhaust components and so on, can fully meet the requirements of different users.
2, solid, beautiful
Chongqing pumping station integrated prefabricated body pipe connections Co. production of glass steel fiber winding, double its strength is equivalent to the traditional Handmade glass steel, resists tearing, corrosion and other damage, so it is strong, durable, durable. The buried structure makes it coordinated with the surrounding, beautiful and generous.
3, short project cycle
The integrated prefabricated pumping station series of products for the finished product supply, the factory completed the installation and commissioning of various components, the goods to the site only need to be placed as a whole positioning. Buried, installation and commissioning time to use than the traditional pump station is greatly shortened.
4, efficient environmental protection, cost savings
Automatic control system to ensure the operation of the pump according to the size of the volume of water to run automatically and efficiently, the internal flow pattern is good, airtight no odor, in line with environmental requirements. The use of the series of prefabricated pumping station than the traditional concrete pumping station to save the cost of 20-30%, and a small footprint.
5, automatic control
Integration of prefabricated pumping station supporting the use of submersible pump liquid level floating ball automatic control of the open and shut down; grinding grid for the normally open, large objects can be automatically reversed, the entire pumping station using automatic control, no special duty.
6, easy installation and maintenance
Personnel do not have to enter the integration of prefabricated pump station in the cylinder, the pump can be lifted from the top hanging out, on-site installation is more convenient.
7, long service life
The shell shaped shaft base integrated prefabricated pumping from the purification and a smooth inner wall, which can be used for a long time and do not require any maintenance; water pump, pipeline, grille is made of glass steel anti-corrosion material, long service life.



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