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Discussion on the development of energy saving high level water supply system in 2017


Discussion on the development of energy saving high level water supply system in 2017

    Decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, to determine the strategic emerging industries will become the leading industry and pillar industries of China's national economy. From the perspective of industrial content, the seven major industries have been the focus of the national industrial development goals and the main direction in the adjustment of industrial structure plays an important role. What is the strategic emerging industry? Premier Wen Jiabao gives a clear and scientific answer, one is the product to have a stable and promising market demand; the two is to have good economic benefits; three is to drive the rise of a number of industry.
    Exclusively learned from the relevant ministries, strategic emerging industry direction has been further identified as 7 areas. The new seven areas for energy conservation and environmental protection, emerging information industry, bio industry, new energy, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials.
In the energy saving high level water supply system, we will focus on energy efficiency, environmental protection and recycling.
Energy saving water supply system
Senior industry refers to water supply system in the structure of the national economy, in order to prevent pollution, improve water environment and the conservation of natural resources for the purpose of product development, commercial circulation, resource utilization, information services, project contracting and other activities. It is known as the environmental industry in the United States, known as the ecological industry or ecological business in japan.
High level water supply system industry is a cross industry, cross domain, cross regional, and other economic sectors cross each other, mutual penetration of the emerging industries. Therefore, some experts suggested that it should be listed as the fifth industry after the knowledge industry.
There are two kinds of understanding in the narrow sense and broad sense in the international water supply system industry. The narrow understanding of high-rise water supply system industry is the terminal control, which provide products and services in the field of environmental pollution control and emission reduction, clean up pollution and waste treatment, the generalized understanding of the technology, including water saving technology in production, recycling, and product safety disposal and reuse of products, from birth to the death of the whole green care.
Chinese high water supply system of industry status and development prospects in twenty-first Century, the world's top water supply industry began to enter the stage of rapid development, has gradually become an important force for economic growth to support industry, and is becoming an important goal and key to adjust the industrial structure of Ji Xinhe in many countries. The United States, Japan and the European Union's environmental protection industry has become the world's leading supplier of high-level water supply market.
With the continuous and rapid development of China's economy, the process of urbanization and industrialization, water pollution is becoming more and more serious. During fifteen, the country has increased due to high water supply system of infrastructure construction investment, promoting the market demand for related industries, high water supply system the overall industrial scale expands rapidly, the industrial sector continued to expand, and gradually adjust the industrial structure, industry level improved significantly.
China's high level water supply system industry is still in the stage of rapid development, the overall size is relatively small, and its boundaries and connotation is still continuing to extend and enrich. With the development of Chinese social economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, industrial water supply system of high-rise China direct contribution to the national economy will change from small to big, gradually become to improve quality of economic operation and promote economic growth, improve economic and technological level of industry. The direction of industrial connotation expansion will focus on water supply technology, clean technology, water services and other aspects, the concept of China's high-level water supply industry will evolve into: environmental industry or green industry.

Opportunities for energy saving and environmental protection
Specifically, energy saving and environmental protection in the areas of a field of energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial equipment, building energy saving, saving fuel and oil alternative energy saving lighting, sewage treatment, etc.. Among them, the common industrial equipment such as boilers, building energy efficiency, such as high-level water supply industry, the field is still in its infancy, the rapid development of the industry is still lack of a strong driving force.
Overview of high water supply system
The water supply system in high-rise Changsha win supply equipment Co. in order to solve the traditional water supply system, the development and the negative pressure pump is directly connected to the tap water pipe network, model for the ZYGS series of high-level water supply system can not only solve the two pollution problem of the underground pool, also can be matched with pure water equipment, directly as a booster the equipment of drinking water, can be used in any a pressurized pipe network in water supply system. The series of products to obtain a number of utility model patents.
Characteristics of high water supply system:
1, energy saving and water saving:
Frequency conversion is adopted to avoid the current shock. At the same time, because of the constant pressure control, but also to avoid the impact of the pipe network to extend the life of the pipeline and valve. The traditional two pressure water supply mode puts the tap water into the pool, so that the original tap water is diluted to zero, and the original pressure energy of the tap water is wasted.
The high level water supply system can make full use of the pressure energy of the pipe network by using the regulating device and the tap water pipe network, and the energy saving can reach 50%~90%.
2, eliminate the underground pool of the two pollution:
The traditional pool two pressurized water supply will tap water into the tank, the tank water is contaminated by dirt or animal body, especially in the summer easy to produce algae or mosquitoes directly affect the health of users. The equipment adopts the closed water supply mode, which eliminates the two pollution.
3, save investment, reduce the occupation, installation, use, maintenance convenience:
The construction of the pool, the total investment of the project is large, and the use of the process should be cleaned regularly, not only increased the total investment of the project, but also increased the daily maintenance costs. The utility model uses the water supply of the regulating device to save investment and reduce the occupation area, and the vertical or horizontal installation mode can be adopted according to the on-site situation of the users.
4, the use of PID closed-loop regulation, high precision and low pressure fluctuations.
5, with overload, short circuit, over-current and other automatic protection function.
6, high degree of automation, reliable operation, convenient management.

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